Use of a Powered Arm Support Device for Upper Limb Function in Non-Ambulatory Men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Brief Description:  This study is a longitudinal, randomized comparison trial evaluating the use of two commercially available dynamic arm support devices (Armon Ayura-O540 and JAECO WREX) to promote participation in activities of daily living in non-ambulatory individuals with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) with upper extremity weakness. Up to 30 individuals will be enrolled to participate in this research study, which includes a two-week baseline data collection period, a four-week device trial and a two-week post device data collection period. Participants will be randomly assigned to trial one of the dynamic arm support devices during the four week in-home trial, with the potential for a cross-over trial with the non-randomized device. The ActiGraph, a wrist worn activity monitoring device, will be worn during the baseline period, the device trial and the post device data collection period to capture UE movement patterns. UE performance will be further quantified with use of a physical motor assessment, the Performance of Upper Limb (PUL) assessment and patient reported outcomes. Data gleaned will provide important knowledge and objective results regarding the potential benefit of dynamic arm supports in individuals with DMD with limited functional use of their upper extremities. To learn more about the study eligibility and participating sites, please visit  or contact Dr. Roxanna Bendixen for additional information.